Circus & Metro Present the Miss Bee U Pageant Jan 11 2013.


THE Lizard Lounge in Coordination with Circus Wed's, Metro Fridays & Shout Sundays PROUDLY PRESENTS: The " MISS Bee U" Long Island Drag Pageant 2013

Hosted by the Talented Singing sensational Diva From NYC Saline Dijon!

FINALS : Judges vote = 2/3rds, Audience votes = 1/3rd. Promote yourselves because it will make a difference!

One of the BIGGEST EVENTS OF THE YEAR so don't miss it!

History is in the making so be sure to be a part of it!!

This will be like no Pageant you've ever seen!

Finals will be announced after the qualifying rounds are over.

Over $1000 in Cash & Prizes! Real money will be given to the winners as well as Titles & Crowns! Employees will NOT be Judges & House performers will not be Given Titles unless they EARNED IT!)

Winners will be featured in LI's top Gay publications.

All performances will be featured on Circus FB page As well as the Metro FB page.

Winning performances will be featured on the Website.

Titles will be for a 1 year Duration & of the Highest Status.

Queen Bee Long Island will be entitled to host paid shows throughout the year.

Titles winners will be crowned & interviewed & will become instant celebrities.

Qualifying rounds will determine the Finalists & contestants MUST Qualify to be entered into the Finals. (No Free Passes)

Qualifier dates are as follows: (dates are subject to change)

Friday November 16 - Miss New Bee
Friday November 23 - Miss Baby Bee
Friday December 07 - Miss Honey Bee
Friday December 14 - Miss Gleeful Bee
Friday December 21 - Miss Killer Bee
Friday December 28 - Miss Queen Bee

****There will be a wild card Qualifier so stay tuned****

If you are unable to make a date for the category:
you must Contact us to use an alternate round.

If a qualifier does not have at least 3 entrants the category may be dropped.
Or categories may be combined.

FINALS: Friday January 11 2013 - Miss Bee U Long Island

Audience does play a part in the outcome so make sure your bring your friends & Promote as much as possible& Blow it up because you have a chance to win something spectacular!

Bring your A game because everyone else is!

REAL Judges, independent Judges, Employees will be banned from Judging!

There are 6 categories this year but you many only select 1:

Miss Queen Bee Long Island - Top queens who at the top of their game - Entertainer of the year - A Walk & Question & Answer session. Top performers need only apply.

Miss New Bee Long Island - New Queens who have been performing but still know they need to improve.

Miss Honey Bee Long Island - The sweetest of the sweet compete in this one.

Miss GleeFull Bee - Fun, carefree, Super Creative queens who haven't a care in the world & are out to have a good time no matter what!

Miss Killer Bee Long Island - The Drags who have attitude because they know they're the best should enter this one!

Miss Baby Bee Long Island - For Queens that are between the ages of 18 - 22 years of age.

ALL Miss Bee U Long Island Entrants Should MUST BE LONG ISLAND BASED - Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan are acceptable. ENTRY FORMS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON FB & AT Lizard Lounge. Contact Jay Antonio at 631 988-1221 Or Call AJ at 917 355-7000 for more info or submit questions via Face Book.

Entry Fee: $20 to enter with application form & remember CA$H & PRIZES WILL BE HUGE! Contestants will receive 3 free drink vouchers to be used for themselves. After the entry fee is paid, u may enter more than 1 qualifier to place for the finals. There is a 1 time only entry Fee you can enter as many qualifiers as you'd like. Once you Qualify you may or may not enter another qualifier unless there are under 3 contestants, we need to give others the same opportunity to make the Finals so enter the category you desire 1st.

Anyone BASED ON LONG ISLAND may enter, seasoned professionals or amateurs but remember the audience & judges MUST be impressed with your performance, style, creativity, & professionalism. Any unprofessional behavior will result in disqualification.

All performers will have a moment on the mic before their performance to woo the judges & audience, so Prepare what u'd like to say before hand.

Promote your self & your performance Heavily on FB and in person... because the audience will count for 1/3 of the total vote. Judges votes = 2/3rds.

This will be the Fairest Pageant LI has seen in MANY years, anyone can win it, so please be a part of it.


Miss Bee U Long Island 2013 the Event of the year.
  • Lizard Lounge - Long Island, NY
    Long Island
  • Friday Jan 11, 2013
  • Event on Facebook


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